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Mining the thought matrix allows us to think beyond the proverbial box. We strive to promote and protect artistic freedom, while developing sound strategic alignments and establishing a viable means to secure the well-being of the artist.

“The Entertainment Industry is in transition; now is the time for clear-minded, effective creativity to flourish and for those who love the arts to step forward and protect them for all posterity” says Ed Lovell, Chief Visionary Officer at WG Entertainment Group.

We offer only the BEST in performance, artistic renderings, musical workshops, clinics, camps and recorded music to our audiences. Our primary focus has been an effort to fill the artistic vacuum left via the departure of music and the arts from many municipal school systems nationwide.

We strive to deliver music education, in conjunction with performance, as a means to engage “arts-starved” under-served communities. The hope is that our efforts will positively encourage, influence and empower the next generation of music lovers.

Our Artist Support Services

An Artist Needs To Focus On “Art” We understand! That’s why we have a wide range of helpful services to take the load off your shoulders.

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