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For more than 25 years, Ed Lovell has been committed to the advancement of the art of Jazz.





Jacques Lesure - Camaraderie



Offering only the BEST in Recorded and live Jazz!


Promote Your Business To The Arts Community!

Did you know the arts community is 20 million strong?  As the “brick-and-mortar” facades either disappear, or transform into a singular source (Amazon, TaoBao, Alibaba, TMall, etc.) it seems more logical to strengthen brand illumination via “organic” marketing efforts – letting the customer know where they can go to purchase their products using a more mobile, visual sales methodology.

With our unique ideas about marketing, we can get customers talking about your business, and interested in working with you.

  • Online Marketing Options
  • Market Offline
  • Publishing
  • Editing Services
  • Social Media
  • Reputation Management




Social Media

Our Twitter family is ever-growing and always active!

Reputation Management

Our artists are professionals with impeccable character and style – no “wardrobe malfunctions” or other integrity challenges.

Brand Marketing

Whether its automobiles, electronics, fine indulgences or bespoke attire, our artists each have forward-facing websites which communicate their works – as well as their favorite endorsed products.

Media Marketing

Jazz recordings are one of the few mediums still available for “tangible marketing” opportunities

About Wayward Goose…

The goose represents the Artist Reps role as the mother goose, responsible for protecting, nurturing and developing the artist and of course producing golden eggs that the artist and their respective families can harvest and depend upon for security throughout their careers in entertainment/performance and beyond.

Our management style is second to none in that it is built around the needs of the client and the art as a priority rather than serving itself. We strive to present only the finest entertainment and arts presentations, while at the same time, connecting the artists with relevant products and services that would benefit from a sound, clear-minded, professional strategic partnership.

When your ready for the “next-level” in entertainment, WG Entertainment Group is ready to serve you!

When It comes to the art of Jazz, WG Entertainment strives to present only the best in the world!

Our Artists believe in bringing forth only the finest in performance and education.

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